Friday, December 31, 2010


It was a Merry Christmas indeed!!!  The house was decorated and the excitment of our two darling children made this once again, the best Christmas ever.  We enjoyed all of our usual traditions of finishing all the decorations by Thanksgiving day so we could enjoy the lights, trees and Christmas houses for the entire holiday season.  Stephen and Rhea made their usual Christmas gift bags for the family and eagerly awaited their big Christmas morning.  I think it's obvious that they had a GREAT Christmas and concluded with their usual "crash" by 5pm....






Stephen's Birthday

My baby is 7 years old today! How did that happen!?! Stephen had a GREAT day today at his Lego birthday party. Lego hasn't gotten around to making party decorations, so I improvised this one. He was happy, so that's all that matters!!

Stephen Birthday