Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taekwondo Tournament and Testing

Taekwondo has been such a blessing to our family. Stephen's interested has only increased since we have been with our current school and continues to grow. The first video is of him competing with his form during a tournament in Nebraska and the second is at testing back home. He is SOOOO awesome!!! Congratulations big guy!!!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!! We had an incredibly BIG day today; complete with sugar highs AND lows. Tom and I began our morning performing an 8am Easter service in downtown Naperville with the kids in tow. It's awesome to be able to work and have the whole family together!! It was then time to come home for an early lunch and quiet time so the Easter bunny could come and hide all of those eggs. We weren't to keen on keeping the kids at home after gorging themselves with sugar, so it was off to the rock wall. Stephen was a champ and Rhea, well, I don't have to tell you that she throughly enjoyed herself for the first time on the wall. I was the designated Belayer since I didn't quite have enough energy to make it up the wall after a long weekend/two months of Taekwondo tournaments. I honestly crashed for two hours when we got home and look forward to much rest in the coming weeks!!

Pinewood Derby

We had so much fun at Pinewood Derby this year. I made sure we had a two week window to complete our cars this year and we made it to the finish line!! Tom made the initial cuts and then it was time to carve, sand and paint. I might have gone a little over board on Rhea's since it clearly was done by mom and not a 5 year old. She at least picked out the design, paint color and decals while participating a little in the sanding process. Tom also helped me with the weights in the end and was perfectly at 5 ounces for both cars. Way to go dad and awesome job to the whole family since each car made it down the track!! Stephen also won a speed award and I didn't manage to get a picture of his busy body that day. I at least have video if I can ever manage to get my computer to behave long enough to post

Pinewood Derby

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Journey Through Time

Our homeschool is still going strong with a trip through time.  We started with astronomy this year along side creation.  Next was a study of the ocean, birds, dragons (hey, it's somewhat like a reptile),  and we have finally made it to dinosaurs.  The human body will be next along side the stories of Adam and Eve, and then onto Egypt!  The sad news for me in all of this is that Stephen is venturing onto second grade by next week.  How did that happen??  Rhea is plugging along and will start Kindergarten soon and constantly keeps us on our toes!!  Praise God for our little ones....that aren't so little these days!

The videos were taken at our homeschool group at Calvary called Impressions. The mission of this group is not as much about academics, but rather on relational development through organized activities. I think I can speak for everyone that one of our favorite class is art, taught by Pastor Michael Grove. He can take a simple art concept and turn it into a life lesson like I've never seen! Amazing!! Tom has been teaching the upper level bible class and helping me with our Physical Education activites too!! I've really enjoyed working with these women this year and look forward to what God has planned for us in the future. The kids present book reports twice a month and these videos were taken on our first attempt. Stephen and Rhea both did an incredible job and set everyone at ease by volunteering to go first. Rhea had to be bribed a little with letting her wear a costume; but hey, whatever works...right? I'm so very proud of their vigor and inspired by their fearless confidence!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I can't say enough about my feline best friend. This little girl has been with me through the best and worst times of my adult life. I found her along side the road during my sophomore year in college. The poor thing was in horrible shape, but by evidence of today, sprang back and has filled all of our lives with her fuzzy joy. Our little 17 year old bundle of joy still demands her meals three times a day and we are happy to oblige. Thank you, Frisca for continuing to brighten our days!





In Motion

My latest photography project... After all that time learning about how to get that perfect picture in focus, I decided to take another route and play with light and motion. The first picture was taken at the end of winter while the Christmas lights were still in the trees in downtown Naperville. I managed to get close enough to the street without getting hit by any Metra buses! Tom and Rhea were then very patient with me as I asked them to walk around in circles for a half hour. As it turns out, I went with my first shot of

Night Lights