Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Journey Through Time

Our homeschool is still going strong with a trip through time.  We started with astronomy this year along side creation.  Next was a study of the ocean, birds, dragons (hey, it's somewhat like a reptile),  and we have finally made it to dinosaurs.  The human body will be next along side the stories of Adam and Eve, and then onto Egypt!  The sad news for me in all of this is that Stephen is venturing onto second grade by next week.  How did that happen??  Rhea is plugging along and will start Kindergarten soon and constantly keeps us on our toes!!  Praise God for our little ones....that aren't so little these days!

The videos were taken at our homeschool group at Calvary called Impressions. The mission of this group is not as much about academics, but rather on relational development through organized activities. I think I can speak for everyone that one of our favorite class is art, taught by Pastor Michael Grove. He can take a simple art concept and turn it into a life lesson like I've never seen! Amazing!! Tom has been teaching the upper level bible class and helping me with our Physical Education activites too!! I've really enjoyed working with these women this year and look forward to what God has planned for us in the future. The kids present book reports twice a month and these videos were taken on our first attempt. Stephen and Rhea both did an incredible job and set everyone at ease by volunteering to go first. Rhea had to be bribed a little with letting her wear a costume; but hey, whatever works...right? I'm so very proud of their vigor and inspired by their fearless confidence!

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