Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Goodnight Moon

We had another great week at the Bough house reading Goodnight Moon. The best way to describe this week is to take you through our Lap Book. These Lap Books are Stephen's prizes at the end of the week. I put them on his shelf and he spends every evening going through each one until it is time to go to sleep. It's wonderful to see him embrace all of his work and revisit his "treasures" every night. Most of our projects this week came from Our first project was the Three Bears House that Stephen ornately decorated with glitter glue. Each window and door opened with a bear on the inside. I was really surprise with how much time he put into this. Next, was a sequencing activity on the top left page. Stephen has been sequencing everything lately. Really neat to watch! Rhea's project was the green Three Bears mini book. Stephen cut the pictures out for her and I helped her glue them in the correct place. Animal classification cards and two other projects are located in the pocket. The small brown folder contains sequencing cards for the Three Bears story and finger puppets by A Becka Pre-K Art Projects. The other project was a puzzle that was printed on cardstock and then cut into pieces by Stephen. I wanted him to glue it back onto a piece of paper, but he knew that he would have it in his Lap Book to play with later.

The next page contains a folding project from the Kumon Method. Stephen has just started liking these after a little resistance in the begining. He doesn't like new things if they are complicated, but it doesn't take him long to get comfortable with the idea. Stephen really enjoyed the Rhyming Words House. I wasn't sure how he would do with cutting out the small pictures, but he really enjoyed it since he knew he was going to be placing them in the house. This page also contains a letter M folding card, Right/Left hand folding card and his phone number cards. Stephen has known his phone number for awhile thanks to a song that I made up for him. He has so much fun with it that he frequently sings it to people while we are out of the house. Oh well, not that I am that concerned about privacy anymore. I was going to glue his other two folding projects on the folder, but Stephen requested that I put them in the pocket so he could play with them later. The first one is a fold out pig and the second it a picture of a night scene on one side and a day scene on the other.

The next page contained worksheets that Stephen and Rhea completed throughout the week. The 1-2 Buckle My Shoe Rhyme Cards where put in the left side folder and are by A Becka Pre-K Crafts. This doesn't fit in the Goodnight Moon book, but it was a really cute rhyme that the kids enjoyed acting out.
The next page contained one of Stephen's favorites, "Hey Diddle, Diddle". Stephen made both tracing pages of the rhyming words and a mini books that he first used for sequencing. Daddy got creative on me and taught him a "dance" to go along with his book. You will see water color paintings by Dover located in the pocket. Finally was another mini book containing different color balloons to enforce the red balloon in Goodnight Moon.

Lastly, I threw in the story of the Three Pigs since I thought it went along with the rest of the nursery rhymes in Goodnight Moon. I made a book with a pocket on the front for more finger puppet by A Becka Pre-K Crafts. I printed out the story and we pasted it on the inside along with the three different houses.

The kids worked very hard this week, but we didn't forget about our family fun. Several evenings involved red balloon games. My intended game was for the kids to play "balloon hoops", but Rhea became partial to getting in the basket, followed by Stephen suffing balloons in on top of her. We also tried to stuff all the balloons in the basket without Rhea, and we were able to fit all 15 with a little help from Daddy. Our evening activities ended with a presentation of The Three Pigs. We began with Daddy pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf, and then Stephen wanted to give it a try. You will see in the video that we had a great time and a big finish to the week.

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Rose said...

I have a 20 mth old and a baby on the way, so I am just starting to look into preschool activities. I found your blog while reading the BRFIAR forum. The few post I have read so far make me excited for what is in store!

I did have a question though. I have read the description of lap books and I've seen pics online, but I am still a little confused. What do you use for your lap books (or is that lapbooks?)? I see all the fun activities, but what is the background/foundation? My husband thought they looked neat too.

If you want to answer the question here, great. If you want to email me, that is fine too. Grace and peace! And thanks!