Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stephen's Soccer Class

Stephen just finished his final soccer class of the year. He really enjoyed both classes but was driven more by the second session, more challenging class. Half of the class is dedicated to skills while the last half is a small scrimmage. As you can see, Stephen did really well and was never shy. He ended the season strong, but has decided to do something different in the fall. The fitness center offers a homeschool class for both of the kids, so I think we will begin that in September followed by a free Karate class offered by a near by church. Stephen will be old enough for rock climbing on his 5th birthday, so we are looking forward to tons of active fun this coming year!

Here are some video's of their final "games". I call it organized chaos. Stephen is in yellow and dominates the ball most of the time, but I guess that it is part of the game. They didn't actually work on passing the ball and were lucky enough to get each group of kids to run in the right direction. Have fun viewing!


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