Friday, August 8, 2008

HAPPY 4th of JULY!! OK, so maybe I am a little late on my July greetings. We still, as always, had a great time together this year. Our downtown Aurora parade started off with an airshow this year. This was a real treat and they even played music during the show. It was pretty impressive for a town parade. While Stephen, Daddy and I enjoyed the airshow, Rhea found ways to keep herself occupied.Dare to silence a Bough! No, I didn't do this to her. It was completely voluntary.
This is my "hey look" picture that I always get of him at parades. I am sure I will make him to it when he is 20 years old just to re-live the Ole' days.

Stephen made friends with this other family before the parade began. There weren't any kids in our general area, so he really enjoyed being the center of attention. Tom, nor I are sure where he gets this trait from???

It didn't take Stephen long to figure out how to get free stuff. He took advantage of his kid cuteness and I should have brought another bag to carry out all the candy and "stuff" he caught from the parade participants. He was excited about the candy at first, slowed down after about an hour, and then started giving it away.
Rhea was quite content in her stroller the whole time, especially if she had a sucker in each hand.
Taking cover for the Daddy show.Ooo, that was a good one!
Roman Candles just for you, Aunt Carla! Yes, we had to go to another state for these and our other perfectly legal fireworks. LOL

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