Thursday, June 4, 2009

Animals and Cultures in God's World

Welcome to our new curriculum, Animals and Cultures in God's World. Last year was my first year with a schedule that I bought, and this year is my first year with my own schedule. I was finding that I was spending more time than I wanted tweaking a purchased schedule, and then adding a ton of stuff due to our very busy kiddos. Stephen was also requiring more in depth studies that can't be found for his age level. So, I spent a few hours developing a program for him that he is loving. We will travel around the world this year visiting animals, people, music, dance, art food. Stephen has been especially interested in the geography portion and enjoys building his own replicas of monuments and animal habitats. I have included a few samples from his notebook as well.




Outerspace Notebook

Time to land on planet earth now and start exploring our world from the ground. We first started with introducing maps. I had already been working with Stephen on map skill for about six months, so he had an understanding of where continents and oceans were as well as general map reading skills. I was fortunate enough to end up with these incredible maps. Each day, Stephen locates the country on the big wall maps as well as his globe.

Woodlands 2

Woodland 3

Woodlands 4

Woodlands 5

Woodlands Notebook


Ocean Notebook

The kids made some puppet videos with the animals they created. Click on the lower left hand arrow, not the center of the frame.

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Andrea said...

You all look like you are having an absolute BLAST (pun intended!!) I have added you to my google reader! Can't wait to see what home schooling adventures you come up with next!

Best of luck with raising the money for the adoption! We will do all we can to help!!