Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winter update - SPRING is here!!!!

It's finally getting warmer which means more pictures and outdoor adventures are coming soon.  The winter has been particularly interesting since we experienced an amazing snow storm that managed to shut down the Chicagoland for two days.  The season also brought a time of change in our family as we decided to stop the adoption process.  The decision was made around Christmas when Tom and I both felt that God was steering our family in a different direction.  The message was so clear, but it still took me most of four months to fully accept. Our social worker always talked about how peaceful our family was; where she never verbalized her reluctance for the adoption, I could feel it from her. She tried to politely tell me that she didn't want possible disruption to come to a family as close are ours.  We took the rest of the winter to pray and really look at the priorities of our family, even when we already knew God's answer.  Tom finally mailed in the paperwork to surrender our DCFS liscence and life is moving forward.  It was a hard journey to take, but many relationships were healed in the process.  God works in wonderful and mysterious ways!

This first video is of our first snow early in the season followed by the big storm aftermath in February.






This winter also brought a life change for me.  Once I finished my Master's Degree almost 10 years ago, I vowed to never work again!  I wanted to have children and perform; something that definitely puzzled the professors on my Master's defense when they asked what my goals were following graduation.  I thought I had learned to never say "never", and God, once again, had other plans for me.  I wouldn't actually call it work since I REALLY enjoy what I'm doing and it allows Stephen and I (hopefully Rhea in the future) to participate in an activity where we grow together.  God knows I still need growing in so many areas, and Stephen has also blossomed. Soooo...

After Stephen started martial arts about two years ago, I wanted to get involved so I could be effective in teaching him at home.  We stopped lessons with his current school when we found out that our church had a dojo.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to involve the whole family since it was financially possible.  After about eight months, another opportunity came my way.  Stephen was taking an archery class when I heard of a Christian homeschool mom that owned an amazing Taekwondo school.  Divine intervention had me in her school in less than a week; on a road that I never pictured taking with my family.  My first interactions with her opened doors for our family that I didn't see possible anywhere else; so the journey began.  Let's just say I've learned a lot and still have pleanty of room to grow, while LOVING my work with kids and adults alike!  Stephen is making new friends, learning self control, and definitly growing in perseverance. Rhea is also coming back around to the idea of being involved again and will be a true warrior when and if she decides to join us.  I'm still performing musically, but my heart has been more into growing stronger as a martial artist and teacher these days.  In the end, I've taken what I've learned, and feel like I'm a better mom, wife and friend as a result of this new endevor. I look forward to what God has planned for all of us!

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