Sunday, October 21, 2007

October Messes

If there is one thing that we know how to do, it's making a huge mess. This month has been full of messes inspired by painting, noodle and rice art, apple pie, pumpkin sugar cookies, pumpkin painting and making pizza.

Our first art project of the year was intended to be floor painting, but quickly turned into body painting. After the paints dried, we decorated our masterpieces with noodles and rice; most of it actually ended up on the project.
Stephen's project began as a very controlled and organized work of art. He chose his own colors and was very neatly tending to his work. He enjoyed using both the brush and the mini-roller to create the desired effect. Rhea, on the other hand........................
.....has a different idea of "art". Her art project began by smearing all of the colors together that were given to her; unlike Stephen's very organized color palette. Some of that paint actually made it to the paper before she realized that there was a brush sitting there. She then proceeded to paint her hand with the brush while occasionally experimenting with painting the paper.
As you can guess, our morning ended with both kids needing a bath before nap time. Rhea is still small enough to fit in the bathroom sink. I wish I had pictures, but that would have been difficult.
The kids LOVE to cook! As you can see, the favorite ingredient of the month was flour. Just for the record, I did not put flour in their hair. They were 100% responsible for doing that to each other.


This was Mommy's first apple pie and it came out amazing if I do say so. I used the recipe out of the children's book "How to Make Apple Pie and See the World". It was a really cute book and I decided to try the recipe for fun. We used Blushing Golden apples that we picked ourselves along with a crust from scratch that the kids "made". I should say that Stephen did most of the work since Rhea was restricted to only flour. I did make the mistake of giving her the entire container of flour, but it was Tom's turn to clean the kitchen that night. I only give her 1/3 cup at a time now after this activity.


You can't tell by the end results, but both kids did the exact same activity. Stephen did a great job icing his cookies and really enjoyed making faces with the candy. Rhea figured out that the icing was butter based and would melt if you held it in your hand long enough. Note: always clean up icing BEFORE it dries. It was my turn to clean the kitchen this night.


OK, so how exactly did this happen. We made our own dough without the bread maker. I am not sure why I decided to do it that way, but we did. I am sure I had some educational reason. Anyway, you are supposed to let the dough sit for 30 minutes before rolling. It seemed like the kids had lost interest, so I set the dough in the kitchen and thought we would play out back for awhile. For some reason, Stephen was not interested in going outside, but Rhea came out while I sat on the glider to enjoy some fresh air. Remember that Stephen is still inside. I guess Rhea was wondering why he didn't come out and went in to check on him. Meanwhile, Mommy managed to daydream off somewhere, unaware of what the kids were doing. The last picture is what I walked in on when I went to see why they were being so quiet.

Pumpkin Paintings

Painting is always a big hit! In addition to the pumpkin that we carved, we also had several small pumpkins. I thought they would be done with this activity in a maximum of 10 minutes, but they spent an entire hour painting two pumpkins each. As always, there was body painting in the end and a beautifully painted floor

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