Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rhea's Birthday

We just had an amazing weekend celebrating Rhea's birthday. Who says that your birthday can only be one day? Tom took the day off on Friday just to spend it with his little girl. Stephen and I went shopping last week and he couldn't wait to make the preparations for the big day. Rhea and Daddy went outside for the morning to shovel mulch, while Stephen and I decorated the dinning room in a sea of Nemo. Rhea worked very hard with her Daddy until she climbed into her stroller and asked for a snack and her favortie movie, Nemo. Meanwhile, after two hours of helping with decorations and wrapping presents, Stephen decided to go play with Daddy.

Stephen talked about Rhea's birthday all month, so he was very excited by the time he woke up Saturday morning. The only problem was that Stephen and Rhea don't have the same "style" of unwrapping packages. We spent the WHOLE morning watching Rhea unwrap her presents one by one since she was very careful to inspect each gift. If it would have been up to Stephen, all of the presents would have been opened in the first few minutes.

Beside loving Nemo, Rhea also loves her baby dolls. I had not planned on giving her our vintage doll furniture for another year, but she was letting me know that she was ready. Tom and Stephen sanded and stained my old doll cradle while I sewed new bedding to match the set that I made for her big girl bed. Tom and I then had a romantic night sanding, refinishing, and reapolstering the doll high chair that belonged to my sister, Carla. Both pieces turned out amazing! Rhea also recieved two doll strollers. I had intended on having two so we could have one upstairs and one downstairs. As it turns out, Stephen adopted one of the strollers for Mickey and both kids play "stroller derby" through the house.

Both kids were worn out by noon, but not too tired to make a birthday cake. Rhea held the mixer for the first time, and then continued to make her usual flour mess. The kids slept for about four hours after their busy morning, only to wake up ready to ice the cake they made. Stephen requested a blue piece and then an orange piece of cake. I guess he thought they would taste different, while Rhea didn't care much and just wanted more. I think everyone had a great time since they requested cake for breakfast Sunday morning. The best part of the day was remembering the birth of our little girl. It has been an incredible two years with her, and we thank God every day for bringing her into our lives.

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