Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Caps for Sale

My Little Monkeys

The first part of our Caps for Sale adventures included several hands on activities as well as worksheet go-alongs from our favorite web-sites. I did purchase the online packet from Five in A Row and I think we got more out of our own projects. The kids always enjoy our matching games as you see below, but it wasn't their favorite part of the week. Maybe it was because this was not their most favorite book, but I never claim to know exactly what my kids are thinking.

The first activity below was matching capital letters with their "baby" letters. Stephen always enjoys this type of activity and I am always amazed with how well Rhea follows the instructions and accurately makes her own matches. Stephen then matched various hats with the right profession and had a great time telling the story with his popscicle puppets. Rhea also enjoyed another matching game that I found through preschoolprintables.comThe Caps for Sale book was not a huge hit, but the 5 Little Monkey's finger play was acted out many times with full animation. Stephen also worked on a "research" project during Rhea's nap times. He had a great time guessing which name went with the right monkey. We would then use the computer to look up his answer to see if he was correct. I used the usual San Diego and National Zoo websites, but we also enjoy using (always preview first). I found a great clip of several people that came into contact with a gorilla up close and personal. Everyone remained still and the gorilla was so close that it stepped on one of the guy's foot. AMAZING to watch and a heart stopped for the people that were involved.

We played two other games that you can see below. The first was a color cap matching game, and to keep it interesting I hid them throughout the house. We did the same with some monkeys that the kids colored.
Our final family project was to make as much of a mess as possible with banannas. We first cut and dehydrated bananas. Well, Rhea cut and ate hers, but we still had enough to finish our project. We didn't make as big of a mess as we would have liked, so he decided to make smoothies. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Heather said...

Are those items from the Caps for Sale fold and learn at all?

Heather W (FIAR)

scrappin_mama said...

I love your Caps For Sale Lapbook. Can you tell me where you found the caps ABC game where he matched the upper to the "baby" letters? I am putting together some ideas to start with my son soon. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas!