Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If Jesus Came to My House and Prayer for a Child

The books "If Jesus Came to My House" and "Prayer for a Child" provided us with a wonderful week of activities. I am sorry to say that my library was not overwhelmed with religious books, even for Easter, but we managed with books that we already owned. Those books included The Jabez Prayer Collection by Stephen Elkins (included many prayers from bible figures), Hush Little One, A Lullaby for God's Children by Anita Reith Stons and Golden Books A Blessing From Above and Prayers for Children.

Stephen really enjoyed If Jesus Came to My House and it was remarkable how well he understood the concept. The book starts by describing Jesus as a child that came to visit a little boy. The little boy went about his day playing and sharing with Jesus. The book concluded by teaching the lesson of hospitality to all that come into your home by treating them the same way you would treat Jesus. It was fun hear Stephen's response when we asked him what toys he would share with Jesus. Since he always competes with his sister in the toy area, it was sweet to hear how willing he was to share with Jesus. It was a great opportunity to talk about sharing with his sister too since he doesn't seem to have a problem sharing with anyone else.

The next book was Prayer for a Child that provided a great opportunity to talk about Olga, our sponsored child from El Salvador. We have been her sponsor for a little over two years and have always talked about her with the kids. This book inspired me to finally put all of her pictures and letter in order that have been sitting in a folder for 2 years. Stephen helped put everything in page protectors and organizing them in a binder during one of Rhea's naps. He was very proud of his work and even more eager to share Olga with his sister. Recently, his prayers have really stopped both Tom and I in our tracks. He has been praying with us with the words we use at dinner and bedtime, but now prays his own prayers. Just last night was extra special when he started his dinner prayer with "I Love you God". Tom and I were stunned since I don't think we have ever STARTED a prayer like that much less the impact of hearing it from the mouth of a child.


Stephen is showing Rhea the book that we put together of Olga's letters and pictures.

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Heather said...

What's that book your kids are looking at? Is is a scrapbook, their notebook?

boy will I feel dumb if the answer to my question is in the text of your post!

Heather W (FIAR)