Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lifetime Fitness

Our latest new adventure has been enjoying our membership to Lifetime Fitness. I needed to address some health issues and found a wonderful team of trainers and nutritionists that actually knew what they were doing when it came to healthy living. As an extra perk, my membership also covers childcare for two hours a day plus use of all family areas including the indoor/outdoor pool. The childcare center is amazing and HUGE. I usually have to take them kicking and screaming to get them OUT of the childcare center when it is time to go home with the exception of the one time a week that I take them swimming. An open house is held once a month allowing Tom to join us for free. I also don't have to worry about trying to find time to eat or get my haircut since there is also a spa and cafe on site. I can actually enjoy a meal in peace and quiet if I choose! Thank you, God, for Lifetime Fitness!!

Check back soon and I will have a couple of videos.

The family changing area is amazing and almost too pretty to let children use. Stephen does a great job changing into his swim suit, showering afterwards and dressing himself. The shower took a little time getting used to, but after I let him just play in the water, he was fine. My first approach of throwing him in the shower didn't work too well. Rhea is seated just outside the shower and both sections are in one small locked room that we have to ourselves. I make sure that I am armed with high sodium or sugary snacks to ensure that I get a nice long shower after the kids are clean and dry. NEVER BRIBE YOUR KIDS (too often :-)

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