Friday, April 18, 2008

The Red Carpet

Before I tell you about our wonderful time this week, I want to first say that many of these activities were completed by my darling husband. I actually taught a clinic this week and Tom took over some of the Before Five in a Row activities. I took care of helping the kids make their costumes since that would have been cruel of me to ask of him, but he did everything else. We did minimal worksheets that focused on the letters "K", "Q", and "C" since we tied in the Red Carpet by Rex Parkin to Kings and Queens. We still utilized the original Red Carpet concept as seen in the pictures below. For those that are not familiar with the story, it is about a red carpet that scrolls through town to and from a fancy hotel. Stephen used his motorcycles on our "red carpet" and his town play mat. Rhea of course joined in with an array of other vehicles having nothing to do with the story ;-)
Stephen really enjoys making mini-books. Before you ask, these are just clip art and various castle activities that I randomly found and shrunk to a 3X5 size. Nothing special but a ton of fun. I also found a dot-to-dot of the crown of Jesus. We took time to talk about Jesus our King.

Our final activity involved our neighbors and a BIG Pizza Feast and Whipped Cream Jousting (I stole the later from my sister :-) We made invitations for the girls across the street and Stephen decorated the house with left-over crepe paper from our "red carpet". The invitation design was entirely Tom's creation and everyone was very proud of the end result! The rest of the evening was also a huge success. After the kids gobbled up their pizza feast, we headed outside for our version of a "joust". The kids were tentative at first when I told them to get each other with their creamed noddles and had to sacrifice my pants to get the things going. The game was on once they realized that they were not going to get into trouble for making a mess, much less making a mess of each other and getting away with it. You will see that they got the hang of it pretty quickly.

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