Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Blue Boat

Our main book this week was My Blue Boat by Chris Demarest. This was definitely a favorite this week, but it was followed by about 20 other ocean and boat books. You could say that this was a hot topic among preschoolers. I am starting a new format for our lapbooks this summer and decided to take it for a test drive. Instead of almost $1 for each folder, we spent a mere penny each on a huge box of folders from Sam's. We have eliminated worksheets from the folders since our focus will be mainly on the book or topic. I think it turned out well and I included pictures at the bottom of this post.
Meanwhile, once again, we thought that it would be nice to conclude this unit with a trip to the zoo. Stephen requested to see the Dolphins, and Rhea wanted to see the Penguins. Tom just had sinus surgery, so I took this solo trip as an experiment for the coming months. Besides a mishap with the automatic flushing toilet that scared the kids, we did pretty well.
Sting Ray Bay is the new exhibit that allows you to actually touch the Sting Rays. It was pretty crowded, so the kids didn't really care for the noise and were not at all interested in touching slimy creatures. Myself, on the other took advantage of touching my first Sting Ray. They were really amazing. The Zoo website said they were friendly and they were right. It was almost like the Rays were playing with you since they acted like they wanted to be touched. I thought it was really amazing while the kids just wanted to get away from the noise of the other kids. Oh well, I still got to touch one!
Sea Lions
Dolphin Show
It was snack time, so I took advantage of the situation and arrived at the show 20 minutes early to get good seats. We sat in the "splash zone" and had a great time!
Dolphins from underwater
The Living Coast
The mouth of a Parana
Our lapbook

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