Friday, May 9, 2008

The Carrot Seed

We had so much fun this week reading the Carrot Seed by Ruth Kruass. I know I say that every week, but we really did. We first had a cooking project that included fried apples, raisins, carrots, cinnamon and lots of sugar on top of an English muffin. Sorry, we just threw stuff in the pan, so I don't have a recipe. Stephen actually had a liking to the raw carrots for some reason. They weren't very good, but I wasn't about to tell him...
Next, you will find our lap book. Most of the items included are from along with several KUMON cut and fold activities. I think I found the popsicle stick puppets from abcteach or preschoolprintables. I can't remember since I have had them stashed away for awhile. The kids also worked on veggie and gardening coloring books as well as a couple of file folder games from preschoolprintables.
I also found a great math game from homeschoolshare involving seeds and simple math problems. Stephen wasn't completely crazy about it, but he did it and had the slightest bit of fun.
I almost forgot about MY favorite activity of the week. Tom was gone this week, so we went shopping for my Mother's Day present (s). Flowers, of course....lots and lots of flowers. The kids helped me pick out the flowers and grew impatient with me when we got the home. They wanted to take them out of the buckets right away without giving me the chance to put them down. Stephen ran to get his shovel and started digging. It was really fun and worn them out enough that they took a long nap. After I put Rhea down for a nap that day, Stephen and I worked on a planting kit that we found. He complained that my flowers were already grown and he wanted to grow his own. I don't have a great track record with these sort of things, so we shall see if anything comes up...
Chef Stephen's Special this evening will be fried carrots and apples topped with sugar and cinnamon....and then a little extra sugar and cinnamon

Sniff Test

A little more please...

We're Done! By request, raw carrots first. No, really!

The "fruits/veggies" of my labor.

He wasn't sure about eating this until I reminded him that he cooked it. Somehow, this made a difference and he started eating right away. Rhea saw Stephen eating it and assumed that it was O.K.

Veggie Mini-Book

Carrot Seed Poem

We pretended to plant carrots seeds and I put carrots in the same areas while they weren't looking. We then went and "harvested" our carrots.
Our Bible Verse - Luke 17:6 focusing on the words "Faith, Seed, and God"

In the Seed Addition game, Stephen collected the appropriate number of seeds and successfully executed simple addition questions and wrote the answer.

Veggie popsicle puppetsFile Folder GamesI found this growing kit at Home Depot for $6. It containted 3 varieties of flowers complete with dirt and instructions for Stephen to follow. I thought it was a good $6 spent since it made the project easy and mess free.

Planting Mommy's Mother's Day flowers

Go Alongs
Fluffy Grows a Garden by Kate Mc Mullan
Sunflower House by Eve Bunting
The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
Zinnia's Flower Garden Monica Wellington

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