Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Summer Blast

Our Wedding Gear
My little baby brother is actually getting married which required some new wedding apparel. The first picture of Stephen is what HE would like to wear to the wedding, but I am afraid it is going to be too hot. I think he might be wearing it even if he has to sweat from the look on his face. He really likes his second outfit since he calls it his "work shirt" like Daddy's. This is what he will most likely wear, or at least Mommy will have it in a bag for when he passes out in the Texas heat. Rhea likes her new clothes too as the picture tell you. The first dress with detachable jacket is for the rehearsal dinner (it will go great with BBQ sauce on it), and the second is for the wedding. Poor Stephen just has a polo and pants for the rehearsal dinner, but I don't think he much cares. It was nearly impossible to find a fall formal dress for Rhea that didn't scream "Merry Christmas", or had something on the arms so that she wouldn't freeze to death even with indoor air conditioning temperatures. I did buy the shrug separately and was relived when it all went together. The last picture is of my dress which was easy to find compared to the shoes to match (what a nightmare). Anyway, we are all set for Texas in October and I think Stephen is almost ready for his first airplane flight. I haven't prepped Rhea at all which could be a mistake. I hope that she just takes Stephen's lead since he now knows EVERYTHING about airplanes.

This is Stephen's very first drawing. He did it at church and it made Daddy's heart melt. Stephen told us that it is a picture of he and his Daddy. The border around the picture means that his Daddy loves him. We also noticed that Stephen drew his face looking up at his Dad. How cool is that?Soon after this drawing, Stephen wanted help drawing other things. I had been reading the Artistic Pursuits "The Way They See It" which has really helped in his free drawing. However, he wanted help drawing other things that he sees in books. All of these pictures were done with me drawing my own picture and him doing the same with step-by-step instruction. Everything was done by his own hand. I have since ordered the Draw Write Now full set to help me with this since it take too much brain power to break a picture down and explain it to him. He feels more confident in drawing on his own after this session, but I know the Draw Write Now books will help us out even more and encourage him to see more shapes within the pictures he wants to draw. A trip to the garden helped out tremendously as you will read in our Winterpromise post. It is amazing what he can do with just pointing out a few basic shapes!

We took one last trip, for the summer anyway, to the Brookfield Zoo. The main even was to the Butterfly House since it will be closed by the time we return. We were in there for about 45 minutes before Rhea lost interest. Luckily, Tom was with me and stayed for quite a long time more with Stephen. There was a poster of all the butterflies and their names, so Stephen was determined to find all of them. Rhea and I meanwhile enjoyed the Butterfly and Birds giftshop.

We are still have beautiful weather, well, now that the rain is finally gone. Here are the last of our warm days. First is a scooter race which ended in a crash that Rhea wasn't too happy about followed by a water fight with Daddy in the backyard. We also had a brownie making night where Rhea always manages to make a mess of herself.

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