Friday, September 5, 2008

Fur Trade Museum in September and October

The kids and I were looking for something to do and I stumbled upon a wonderful nature preserve and museam just a short drive from where I work-out. Isle A Chache Museum, or the Island of the Hiding Place has been a stop we have made several times now. The name of the island refers to a time when the French voyageurs traveled down rivers, the native Potowatomi lived off the land, directly using their resources for food, shelter, clothing, and medicine, and when it was stylish in Europe to wear fur hats from an animal found plentiful in the new land - the beaver. Speaking of the beaver, this is Rhea's favorite thing and she hugs on it every time we go. They are allowed to touch and play with everthing that is in their reach.

Hats from the period

Rhea wore two hats at the same time

The main reason for this trip was to take a walk in the woods. However, due to all of the flooding, the paths were closed. We decided to take a break from the museum anyway to do some rock throwing.

It is never really that hot here, but it was on this particuluar day. We were only out for a short time before retreating back into the museum.

Rhea was hanging out by one of the birch wood cannoes playing with camping supplies like gun powder containers. Good wholesome fun for a three year old!

Underwater beaver habitat

Making corn meal

Indain Wigwams

Indain Toys

We made our own when we got back home

After most of the leaves had fallen and the water receded, we made another trip back. The ground was still pretty wet and smelly from the flood waters, so we didn't stay long. I hope to go back again next year.

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