Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last Trip to Brookfield Zoo

So, call me crazy, but I am always one to get the most out of my memberships. It was November, but still slightly above freezing and we were off to the zoo. Wow, NO LINES! I think we were three of about six people at the zoo, but were able to see animals that we had not yet seen due to crowded buildings. I was even able to bring the stroller inside!

Did I mention that it was a little cold? The kids were not too thrilled with being forced to take this picture, but I neglected to get a zoo entrance picture earlier in the season.

Ahhhh, that's better!

Stephen and Rhea were two of three children at the dolphin show, so they had extended one on one time with them. Stephen complained later that night that he was bored didn't get to do anything that day until I pointed out that he played catch with a dolphin!

We warmed up in the gift shop and then a quick foot massage before dashing back to car.

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