Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The month of December was full of Christmas fun. I thought I would start with our Christmas Eve picture and then tell you about the month. Rhea had left her necklaces in the car and managed to talk us into taking them in. She didn't part with them the entire time.

We began our Christmas celbration by making gifts for our family members. The kids put together key chains, Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, and reindeer bags to put everything in. To by surprise, Stephen finished almost everything on his own over a couple of weeks. Rhea enjoyed the projects for a few minutes, but Stephen sat for hours working on everything.

Our church had their annual kids moment in the second Sunday service of December. Rhea pretty much hung out while Stephen really got into it.

Grandma and Grandpa always get us a membership and we chose Morton Arboretum this year. Fortunately, our cards arrived early and Grandma said it was OK to go before Christmas. We were able to see the Christmas train which facinated the kids. I had to keep Rhea from playing with the track and taking the little presents out of the backs of the trains.

Snowball Fight

Gnome Hunt

Wrap up for the nature hike

Why doesn't this pump work?

Merry Christmas

Rhea's New Sled

Stephen's New Robot

Rhea's Dolls

New big girl bed and new bedding

Wow! A Globe!

Princess Dress-UP

Daddy had to ship out with the NIU football team, so we headed to Grandma's house to keep the Christmas high going. My sister and nephews were there, so the kids had a GREAT time. They had to leave on Sunday, so we ended our trip by going to Chucky Cheese with Grandma and Grandpa.
Ryan and Stephen

Alex and Rhea

Chucky Cheese

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