Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stephen's Birthday

Happy Birthday, big guy! He is growing so fast and SO tall. This year's birthday theme was Wall-e from the new Disney-Pixar film. We began our party with a treasure hunt game. I had hidden clues and mini planter pots for them to find, just like in the movie. For those not familiar with the movie, the earth had been evacuated to space in order to clean up. Wall-e was still left on eart when a probe bot, Eve, came to investigate life. She found a plant, but it was then taken from her when she arrived back to the ship. The movie was filled with both adventure and a sweet love story. Most important, Stephen LOVED it and I was ready for him to move on from the Disney Cars. Sorry, but I can only watch movies 1150 times in a row.

Good friends, Ruby and Macy came to join the party

Beetle Barn - Yes we are going to raise our own beetles

Slot Car Time

All Stephen wanted from me was a new quilt. He had been asking for a new one for about a year and I told him that I would make one for his birthday. We decided on a Wall-e blanket, so I found some sheets to cut up and make him his own. It was a long three days in the making, but he makes it so worth it. I think I have made him four quilts now and he keeps three of them on his bed at all times. The fourth one is boxed up in his baby stuff, but I am sure he would hold on to that one too if he knew we had it. Seeing him treasure these really makes my heart melt. Oh ya, he managed to get a pillow out of it too since there was left-over fabric; a bonus he didn't know about.

Ah, the pinata. This was my attempt at a quick and easy game. However, I had forgotten that this was a bit of a struggle at our wedding rehearsal dinner. These things just don't break easily without a little help. Thanks Dad.

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