Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cantingy with the Family


This is the first of several post of pictures from our visit with extended family.  My sister, brother-in-law, nephews and parents came to visit us last week.  Everyone had a great time and our first stop was to get the kids some exercise at Cantingy Park while my sister and I passed it off as 'school' for the day.  I've performed here many times, but always in sub-freezing temperatures for Veteran's Day or marathon Memorial Day concerts.  Both events were well worth it, and I managed to not complain in EITHER circumstance.  OK, that's maybe a little stretch on the no complaining part, but I was mostly happy if no one stole my heater on Veteran's Day.  Anyway, it was nice to spend the afternoon walking around and finally taking a trip through the museum.  If you live in the area and have never been, it is a wonderful tribute to our service men and women.

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